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Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus

Author, Speaker, Futurist and Innovator

Erwin Raphael McManus is an iconoclast known as a cultural pioneer for his integration of creativity and spirituality. He is a storyteller and observer of life. His writings are an exploration of the human spirit and search for what makes us uniquely human.

His newest book, The Last Arrow, is about leaving nothing left undone that you were meant to do and living with a relentless ambition for life. In addition to writing Soul Cravings, Chasing Daylight, The Barbarian Way, and other leading books on spirituality and creativity, McManus authored The Artisan Soul, an exploration of human creativity, which is a Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly best-seller.

A native of El Salvador, McManus now lives in Los Angeles, Calif. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from UNC Chapel Hill, a master degree in Divinity from Southwestern Theological Seminary and a doctoral degree in Humane Letters from Southeastern University.

McManus is an artist, entrepreneur, cultural thought leader and the founder of MOSAIC, a church in Los Angeles, Calif. MOSAIC is known for its innovation, creativity, diversity and social entrepreneurism, and has been named one of the most influential and innovative churches in America.

Engaging such issues as culture, creativity, change and leadership, McManus is widely known as a thought-provoking communicator. His travels have taken him to more than 50 countries and he has spoken to more than one million people from a wide variety of audiences, including professional athletes, Wall Street investors, universities, film studios, and conferences focused on leadership, creativity, culture and living a holistic life.

McManus has created a bold manifesto for a life of vision, dreams and courage. The Last Arrow is both the unwrapping of biblical insights and the unwrapping of our deepest humanity. It is written for everyone who senses deep within them that there is so much more to their life than they are living and for everyone who is tired of regrets and is ready to give each moment everything they have to give.