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Ed Helton

Ed Helton

Chief of Staff, Columbus State University

Ed Helton earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and English and a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion from Samford University, as well as a Doctor of Divinity from Judson College. He has been a student of leadership development and communication throughout his career. He joined Columbus State University as an adjunct professor of Philosophy in 2002. In 2004, in addition to his teaching duties, he began serving as a consultant with CSU’s Leadership Institute, where he became instrumental in promoting the Institute. Throughout his tenure, he has served as director and executive director of the Leadership Institute and as the university’s assistant vice president of Leadership Development. He currently serves as the university’s Chief of Staff.

He is certified by several leadership organizations, including The Center for Creative Leadership, The Center for Applied Psychological Types, Lominger International, Competitive Edge, The Browning Group, The Hay Group, The Leadership Challenge, and EI World. He led in the development of the Get the Big Things Right (GTBTR) Assessment, unique to The Leadership Institute. He is also a trained Executive Coach.

In May 2013, he completed the Executive Education course, The Art and Practice of Leadership Development at the Harvard Kennedy School at Harvard University. In March 2015, he attended Minds at Work Immunity to Change (ITC) instrument training in Cambridge, Mass.

Ed is a guest and keynote speaker for a number of organizations and events, including The Governor’s Conference on Tourism, The Georgia Convention and Visitors Bureau Annual Meeting, Phoebe Health and other corporate and civic groups.